A Prince Fan’s Guide to Minneapolis, Minnesota: Where to Visit
A Prince Fan’s Guide to Minneapolis, Minnesota: Where to Visit

A Prince Fan’s Guide to Minneapolis, Minnesota: Where to Visit

Minnesota is known for its natural beauty and vibrant culture, but it is also the birthplace and home of one of the greatest musicians of all time – Prince. For fans of the late music icon, there are plenty of places to visit in Minnesota that will give you a glimpse into his life and legacy. Here are some of the must-visit places for Prince fans in Minnesota.

  1. Paisley Park

Paisley Park is a 65,000 square-foot complex that was home to Prince for over 30 years. It has since been turned into a museum that celebrates his life and music. Visitors can take a tour of the complex, which includes his recording studio, performance spaces, and personal belongings.

  1. First Avenue

First Avenue is a music venue located in downtown Minneapolis that Prince frequented throughout his career. It was also the location for many of the scenes in Prince’s hit movie “Purple Rain.” Today, the venue features a star outside with Prince’s name on it and a mural of him on the building.

  1. Electric Fetus

Electric Fetus is a record store in Minneapolis that was one of Prince’s favorite places to shop. The store has been in business for over 50 years and continues to sell vinyl records, CDs, and other music-related merchandise. Visitors can browse the store and even pick up a copy of Prince’s albums.

  1. Schmitt Music Mural

The Schmitt Music Mural is a mural located in downtown Minneapolis that features Prince along with other iconic musicians such as Bob Dylan and Judy Garland. It is located on the side of the Schmitt Music building and is a popular spot for fans to take pictures.

  1. Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is a popular destination for Prince fans as it was featured in the movie “Purple Rain.” Visitors can take a boat tour of the lake and see the iconic locations from the film, such as the dock where Prince famously jumped into the water.

In conclusion, Minnesota is a must-visit destination for fans of Prince. From Paisley Park to First Avenue, there are plenty of places to visit that celebrate his life and music. So why not plan a trip to Minnesota and experience the magic of Prince firsthand?